Sunday, April 18

Sunday Afternoon

Studying for tests, prepping presentations, thinking about typography... gotta fuel the body somehow.

If I were forced to pick one specific food to eat forever, it would be pancakes. There's so much you can do with pancakes it blows my mind. Here's some molasses pancakes coming out of the warmer prior to getting coated with homemade blueberry syrup and promptly devoured.

Here's some mush I made with that molasses cake and the last two slices from a loaf of spelt bread. I'm sure it's not technically a bread pudding, but it was damn tasty. Soaked the bread in water, added some oil and salt and brought it to a boil. Removed from heat and added a slice of that molasses cake/brownie/bread thing, some raisins and Ruth's hemp mix. Good to go!

Finally used one of the cans of sliced tomatoes I've had sitting around for a couple months. Ended up making this tomato soup pasta dish.

Got these in the mail a week or so ago from my dad and they are awesome! Vibram 5, kickass. Haven't gone on a run in a long while, but these were begging for it. So we went out on a farm trail near me and had a great morning run last Sunday.

The Vibrams are a little difficult to put on, but they're fairly comfortable and they breathe well. They have nice padding so you don't have to be worried about the gravel, but you can feel the freedom of the grass. I wouldn't wear them for road runs, but they seem great for trails. I'll keep updating with my thoughts on the Vibrams as time goes on, but for now I like them (I'm wearing them right now).


  1. Love the shoes! And the food, of course!

  2. Haha, cheers!

    If only I could transmit the smell and taste digitally (of the food)