Monday, April 26

Paper Trails

What a fantastic weekend! Got to jam with my buddy Leif, played a Lobster Jaw concert & hung out with a ton of friends that night, went mini-adventuring with Jason, Marissa & Adara, and had an awesome diner party for my good friend Tony's birthday. Come Monday morning I had a couple photos in my inbox my mom, Ruth, had taken the last time I visited Bellingham. And I finally got around to uploading some photos my friend Jamie took of my first installation at the Bruce Neuman gallery in the EWU Art Building.

For those of you not in the know, now you are; this is me. Hi.

This is our dog Oreo, she's amazing!

Here's where it starts!

Here's where it floats and twists across the room.

Here's where it cascades to the floor and crawls on the wall.

Yeah, Jamie's an awesome photographer! Check out his shtuff over in his online gallery.
    In other news:
  • Yard Sale! All Lobster Jaw recordings are now online for free download!
  • Red Dead Redemption looks amazing... especially the open world multiplayer. Insane!
  • I can't get enough of this video; Pixels.
peace peace


  1. wait wait
    i know i commented on this disappeared oh well
    I'm glad to finally see the installation. I can imagine people craning their heads around to see what it says - do you have a record of what the words were? Or did I have to stand there and turn all sorts of funny directions in order to read?
    I wish I could have seen it in person! Next time, I'm sure.
    And when this semester is out of the way, a letter will be on its...

  2. I don't know how many people tried it, but I know I had a blast trying to read it once it was installed! Definitely the best part about the piece.

    I can't recall what the exact wordage, but it was a one sentence, first person, stream of consciousness poem about a slug and a grasshopper having jasmine tea and fresh crumpets together in the shade of an old oak tree. Fun stuff!

    Cheers, good luck with the remnants of the semester!

  3. That's really cool, Andrew. I wish I could've seen it in person. What kind of paper is that? Did you get some good responses to it? From the pictures it looks like crepe paper. Anyway, that"s great.