Wednesday, June 30

Rock Band Hero 2

Part 2 of our exciting trilogy + 1! Only one thing can happen with chimes and a gong... stay tuned!


Tuesday, June 29

Rock Band Hero 1

Realistically the first two panels are the best part of this whole mini-series. But I'm going to continue this nonsense through it's illogical extension. Here it comes.


Friday, June 25


A million DeviantArt updates! Sketches, whoo!

My friend Jamie finished up running through Half Life 2 again on his fixed up PC. Then, he did some photo editing! With the theme of gallery updating, here's one of Jamie's pics that he recently tacked onto the internet; awesome!


Eye Food

For Jamie.

and you, of course.

also: apple store, yes, they sell apples!
all kinds of apples.


Thursday, June 24

My love for you is Like Toast

webcomic, webcomic, webcomic.... hmmm...

I could say "This is a test run" or I could say "I doodled this while listening to another episode of Tweet Me Harder." I could then add "maybe I'll do a webcomic, that would be cool" or I could just say "click the image to enlarge."

But instead, I'll just say I wish I had that toast related piercings. I would let it dangle proudly from my body; from where? Everywhere.

Also, I want to tell someone my love for them is like a truck... or toast. Or, I suppose, my love for them is like my love for toast.


Wednesday, June 23


Scanner's are available again, but now the computers have CS5 so my face esploded.

Insert Quarter.
C'mon... C'mon... just insert the quarter man... plz?
YEAH! YEAH! YEAH, MAN! That right there? That's the shit!


also, I'm going to spend my day in Spokane doing some shtuff and getting a futon. Sweet.


Tuesday, June 22

Life is pain & toast

Something I doodled while listening to Tweet Me Harder. I just found a file in my brain drawer that says "Allen Duffy and Andrew Taylor should do a stupid skype podcast to amuse themselves and each other (and maybe the internet) while Allen Duffy is residing in Portland." For some reason it was filed right under a file that says "Build a bone house, build a better future", but I think that file is up for interpretation.


Monday, June 21

No Scanner Blues

Back from the one week summer break! Time for Summer quarter classes... tomorrow. So apparently the school's computer lab wants to have it's scanners behind lock down right now. Maybe I'll get to use a scanner sometime soon!

So, here's some old sketches.


Thursday, June 3

Briefcase Speed Paint

Checked out a giganto Wacom tablet in the school's computer lab and downloaded some Penny Arcade/PVP D&D podcasts. 2 and one half hours later; baDum, whoo! Digital speed painting!
So, just for fun, here's the original sketch and some of my layers during painting.

Hey! Before you exit the internet, go check out Sam Spina's new book; He just released the first year of Spinadoodles!

Speaking of books, Pirate Club is currently on sale for super-mega cheap; I just picked up both of the trade paper backs for less than $10 with shipping! Madness! If you haven't been introduced to the brain-child of Derek Hunter, then go get on it, it's amazing.


Wednesday, June 2

Tuesday's Here

Playing around with pencils, pens and photoshop. Here's some sketches with some quick colors.
This one's for Jamie. This mosquito? What a douche.
And this one's for Allen. Take your tongue of that gumdrop, boy!