Thursday, June 24

My love for you is Like Toast

webcomic, webcomic, webcomic.... hmmm...

I could say "This is a test run" or I could say "I doodled this while listening to another episode of Tweet Me Harder." I could then add "maybe I'll do a webcomic, that would be cool" or I could just say "click the image to enlarge."

But instead, I'll just say I wish I had that toast related piercings. I would let it dangle proudly from my body; from where? Everywhere.

Also, I want to tell someone my love for them is like a truck... or toast. Or, I suppose, my love for them is like my love for toast.



  1. Breserker!
    Btw. I think you just found a nitch for a webcomic. Seriously, this shit has style, the characters are totally you, the low opacity black, creative speech bubbles, edgy line work and type cry out "Andrew!" You even have an awesome signature. Not to mention is just fucking hysterical.
    Internetwebs High five! (smack!)

  2. BeeTeaDub
    I love you to bro.
    I don't even care how gay it is. :P

  3. Awwwww <3

    Thanks for probps, Allen. I can feel the love ;)

    Internetwebs High five! *ker-smack!*