Friday, July 30

Z page3

Like I mentioned, changed up the texture/shading technique a bit. I'm going to be using this little story to be playing with different styles and such.

I'll figure something out at some point. Or not, either way.


Monday, July 26


Working with some color again, here's the colored version of a sketch I did a long long time ago, in the same seat I'm sitting in now.


Friday, July 23

A Point Called Z page 2

The [adjective] page two of A Point Called Z! wooo?

I think I'm overdoing it with the tones. I'm not sure they're adding enough to the clarity of the image nor are they that visually interesting... it's like a boring color image, but in grey tones. Next week I'ma try something different, maybe more textures.

have a great weekend!


Monday, July 19

Mort and his bet

Still working on the mural, still working on the comics... in the mean time here's a sketch from last week that I forgot to upload! Hooray!

I'm stoked to go see Inception tonight with Jamie and Meg, sounds like it's going to be awesome!

So, I've been crazy excited for the Scott Pilgrim game: a game combining comics, Paul Robertson's pixel-gasmic shenanigans, and the tunes of Anamanaguchi?! Sign me the f*** up. So, then I got excited for the movie (in relation to the game). Last week I finally bought some of the Scott Pilgrim comics and... well... if my face had pants, they would be jizzed in. Scott Pilgrim (and Bryan Lee O'Malley due to 'association') jizzed in my life's pants.

Needless to say, I'm super-stoked for the 6th volume of Scott Pilgrim, the movie and the game. yup... yup!


Friday, July 16

A Point Called Z

So here's part one of a short series I'll be updating every Friday! Grab a seat and enjoy! Can I take your coat or get you anything to drink?

Thought I would play around with some gray tones for this series since I already did some really minimal black and white last time. Maybe next time I do black and white I'll put a little more form into it instead of just outlines. or maybe not! who knows? not me.

I would have had more sketches up this week, but I've been busy working on a big ol' painting/installation that you might get to see later.


Tuesday, July 13

Sun Muncher

Everybody say haldo to Martok the Sun Muncher!

'sup, Martok. Please Don't eat our sun, we like it.


Monday, July 12

Space Ninja

Space-ninjas need gold coins, too!

Warm up sketch transformed into a two hour speed painting doodle. Inspired by the flash game, Space-ninja!


Friday, July 9

I'm Still Lame

You told me my comics were to light. I told you that you weren't missing anything

Now you know what I mean.


Wednesday, July 7

More Rock Band Hero

But whahappaned to the rock band hero scientist?!

Oh wait...



Tuesday, July 6

Rock Band Hero Conclusion

We we cross the finish line!

It's a little tounge in check (mostly Jamie's tounge in my cheeck... errr... something like that), but it was fun. Check this video out to get in on the reference.

Anyways, more comics: Sam Spina is back from Arizona! Allen Duffy is progressing Tickled Pink! Yay!


Monday, July 5

End of the Weekend



Sorry I couldn't be here for your visit, I'm still gone! Maybe I'm in an attic or a building or a boulder; maybe I'm on a bus showing compliance of the rules or flaunting my individuality. Maybe sometimes I just gotta be me. Maybe you should just leave a message.

Hope you had a happy/merry fourth of July/independence anniversary! bon anniversaire!


Friday, July 2

Gone for the Weekend

Sorry I missed you're visit, I'm not here right now! I'm off dancing through a field of daisies or something; maybe I'm playing a baby piano on a glacier!

If you'd like to leave a message please do so after (and ONLY AFTER) the beep.

Anyway, this mini-comic is a true story. For reals, he was sitting across from me. I guess it's less of a story and more of a quote, a snippet of a situation.


Thursday, July 1

Rock Band Hero 3

Stay tuned for our exiting conclusion! Coming oh so soon!

But not as soon as you'd like cause I'm working for the weekend! Lies! I'm going to visit the family for the weekend.

Tomorrow? Monday? There will be posts. So... that's cool.