Monday, August 30

No Title

a smeared ink and water color painting I made out of a couple random doodles.

Spiderbot and glasses girl!


Friday, August 27

Z page 6

More ink work (moved to a pen and nib) and some more screentones. Oh and that's right, the good Dr. Scientist there invented a Techno-lute for this little concert. Well done sir, you get my vote.


Thursday, August 26


Here's a pencil drawing I did in the waiting room of the hospital the other day. Nicky Chan went and had a little seizure, but he's doing much better now. Ohhhhh, Nicky Chan.


Monday, August 23

But You're Still Broke

An ink piece I made as a going away present for my good friend NIck. I'll miss you buddy.

Lyrics from the State of Nature song "in space no one can hear you say i love you"


Friday, August 20

A Point Called Z page 5

whoa! Bummed I missed last Friday, but I don't have internet in my cave and I didn't have access to a scanner! Oh well, luckily my buddy Allen gave me the heads up on the Mars Lab being open (another computer lab on campus)

So, switching it up, switching it up! Done with digital inks for now, so here's some brush work on too small of a page mixed up with some digital greys and zip-a-tones.

Oh, and the Scott Pilgrim movie was amazing.


Wednesday, August 18


Hey heeey heeeeeyyyyyy there

so, I'm outta here soon: gonna be leaving the east side to visit with my family before the school year starts. I'll keep updating as much as I can with the technology that I have... All I can say for sure is that comics will be up every friday until series Z is done!


Friday, August 6

Z page 4

whoa, full bleed! (finally...) Here's a transition page to our next topic... the beard!

oh, and Josh Vassallo (MustacheMayhem on deviantart. what an awesome name, right? We're a made for each other, I'm sure of it) uh, has a marker sketch of me as a zombie! Great and good!


Wednesday, August 4

Afternoon Delight

I don't know about you guys, but I lost something like four hours to the sun, lunch and a nap. Awesome and delightful!

'cept now I gotta go do homework.

Here's a little something I sketched for a good friend of mine I got to see over the weekend. Bob. Bob lives in Portland, Bob plays ultimate and plays awesome music. (On a side note, Bob is also the heart and/or soul of the band State of Nature which, one could say, is still in the works. We're taking a break, what with the 300+ distance between members). Anyway, the sketch is for a band he plays drums for, Bad Chuck.

Fuck Bad Chuck.


Monday, August 2

oh snap, it's August!

Fact: it's August.
Fact: Lars Brown and North World are awesome (as I've mentioned before)

So, Lars posted some North World fan art on his blog and guess who couldn't hide from Google Alerts? Me! Thanks for the share, Lars, glad you dig my little contribution.

Also? Go JoCo!