Friday, April 29

State of Nature & Silliness

Whoa! I finally got my shit together for State of Nature and made a Bandcamp page! It's got my first two mini-albums with album art and all mah lyrics (it felt good to finally get it all down).

My first ukulele based album, I Got Nothin.
My first guitar based album, Powered By Greed.

Hopefully someday soon I will finish tabbing everything out and be able to put that online, too! We'll see if I'm able to do 'I Got Nothin' or not because I definitely don't know how to play any of those songs anymore... I'll probably upload some stuff for 'Powered by Greed', but almost all of those songs have been re-written (maybe I'll get some multi-instrument recordings online someday, too!)

Maybe in the near future I'll be posting some new songs! Here's the rss for that page if you want to keep up to date:

In the meantime, here's me not getting enough sleep last night!

Thursday, April 21

Covered in Characters

For the 2nd Annual YoSpo Arts Extravaganza I put myself on display! For the four hour reception I covered myself in typography with ink and a dip pen. I drew inspiration from overheard conversations and clips of quotes.

Partway through the night I took a half hour break from my pedestal to perform with the band Wombo Combo, but returned to my room to finish inking as much skin as I was able.

The event was totally awesome and I hope to be more involved with the wonderful people behind this!

Friday, April 15

YoSpo Zine Titles

Tonight and tonight only, The 2nd Annual YoSpo Arts Extravaganza!

I will be there doing both performance art (between 7-11pm) and then Wombo Combo will be playing a set at 9pm. If you're in the area, come on down it should be a blast!

So, there were a bunch of awesome literary submissions to the event and the fantastic Ryan Weech asked me to typographize some titles for the pieces. I can't wait to see what the finished zine looks like, but here's a preview of what changed hands. (click for larger image, of course)

Friday, April 8

You're the best

I did this papercraft as a present for my good friend Nick Bellotti. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease while on the most epic of adventures in California. Now he's settled up in Spokane and all those that surround him love him, he's amazing. He's the best around and nothing ever gets him down.

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

Love you Nick.

Friday, April 1

WOOO! Spring Break!

A sketchbook I handmade for my Spring Break trip to Portland (and then Oakland/Petaluma, CA). Drawings from March 17-March 27 (with a few addition before April 1)