Friday, April 1

WOOO! Spring Break!

A sketchbook I handmade for my Spring Break trip to Portland (and then Oakland/Petaluma, CA). Drawings from March 17-March 27 (with a few addition before April 1)


  1. Love the first page, it'd be neat to see further integration of your crazy ass typography and that particular style of sketch drawing, especially in a comic or graphic novel format.

    Also? You hella need to turn that "Gotta do this shit for real" page into a finished painting or vector piece. You really do. It just looks fucking sexy, and I want to see it on walls deskptops and t-shirts.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! I love doing my goofy calligraphy style all over the place & I'm glad you like my sketchy style. Allen Duffy's been hassling me forever to do a comic or graphic novel.

    Gotta Do This Shit For Real!