Friday, April 29

State of Nature & Silliness

Whoa! I finally got my shit together for State of Nature and made a Bandcamp page! It's got my first two mini-albums with album art and all mah lyrics (it felt good to finally get it all down).

My first ukulele based album, I Got Nothin.
My first guitar based album, Powered By Greed.

Hopefully someday soon I will finish tabbing everything out and be able to put that online, too! We'll see if I'm able to do 'I Got Nothin' or not because I definitely don't know how to play any of those songs anymore... I'll probably upload some stuff for 'Powered by Greed', but almost all of those songs have been re-written (maybe I'll get some multi-instrument recordings online someday, too!)

Maybe in the near future I'll be posting some new songs! Here's the rss for that page if you want to keep up to date:

In the meantime, here's me not getting enough sleep last night!


  1. Awesome, man. I'm gonna be honest... I plan on downloading both albums without paying for them. Sorry... but I'll tell lots of people about them, okay? Thanks!

  2. Awesome, please DO! I only put the pay option up there because I knew they could be downloaded for free!

    So glad you can dig it Matt, enjoy!

  3. Downloaded and listened to both albums and they're grrrrEAT! (you gotta imagine that in the Tony The Tiger voice) I particularly like "I Got Nothin'" because I'm a sucker for ukulele. You can't dislike an album of ukulele songs; it's not possible. Thanks for the awesome music, dude. I hope you keep writing and recording.

  4. Aww, man, thanks so much, Matt! I really appreciate the support and I'm stoked you downloaded and listened to my stuff, that's totally awesome!

    I've definitely got some more stuff in the works! Some of it might just be ukulele based, too :)