Friday, May 6

Wicked hang time with that air time!

Wombo Combo was recently invited into the lovely local radio station of KYRS for our friend Mikhael's broadcast the All Ages Show! Our good friend Colin Osgood was kind enough to video tape the nonsense that followed for those of you out there populating the internet. Enjoy?

Then Tony James kicked out a brand new, fresh jam!

So of course I had to join in with the fun :)

Speaking of State of Nature there's a facebook link for us/me on the ShmeriousBlahg home page. AND we are / I am playing a show at The Gazebo in Spokane on May 13th along with our friends Fizzlin Dicks, The Lot Lizards and the party pizza that is Wombo Combo!

Speaking of Wombo Combo, we did get a 'song' recorded on Monday to play on the radio show; we couldn't exactly get a video of that so I posted it on my personal SoundCloud site. Check it out, Wombo Combo - When Reptile Dysfunction Man Strikes.

Have a great weekend!

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