Tuesday, May 24

Mosquito's Bites

I'm going to pretend that these itchy bits surrounding my fresh tattoos all came from the same bug. I'm going to choose to believe that now they're now (at this very moment) sitting in a tiny room, lit by an even tinier lamp doing calligraphy because of they've sucked ink blood of an ampersand.

But then, I also believe that I'm a typographic wizard casting spells that manifest through the relationship of flour & water, but bread is some sort of miracle.

I just spent a moment going back through my archives and it was pretty cool seeing me develop before my eyes. Both in terms of style, what I'm doing, what I look like and who I'm hanging around with (I see Allen come into my life, then The Fighting Trikes and now that my images are slowly waning Diamond Pony is kicking it & I'm making excuses of being too busy dancing to upload proper blog posts with photos and/or videos).

It was SO COOL going back through and reminding myself that I can draw and sketch and I do do do do awesome things and I'm surrounded by awesome people! I don't particularly see that inspiring me to do more proper blog posts, but hopefully maybe some sort of fantastical event will change that because it would be nice to continue to track my progress as a person.

then again, maybe my current progression is simply an expression of thoughts instead of images?

It really is a bit too bad that I can't just export my facebook updates, pics & videos onto this blog so that we could really see a growth pattern.

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