Sunday, March 13

Friday, March 11


This is just a preview picture because blogger and I are going through a rough patch. Click the image to check out the full illustration.

Been playing around with the Cintiq at the art building Digital Lab and having a blast with it!

{spoiler alert}
danger is ahead & risk is behind! you have been warned.

Wednesday, March 9

Once a Cup

Here's another piece I've been working on in ceramics. Finally got it to a place where I feel like it's done.

'Cracked Cup'
Found, unfired terracotta and ink

This blahg has been in all kinds of transit and transformation since it's first post; can't seem to commit to a schedule or theme. I'm getting a vision now so stick with me; I should be able to get a fresh start after this coming Spring break. Hopefully it'll be more interesting and more consistent!