Tuesday, December 7


I'm pretty certain this has been my favorite Layer Tennis I have seen thus far.

layer tennis

Of course I also loved the typography round and the live illustration round.

Maybe I just have a crush on Noper.

older layer tennis


Saturday, November 20


here's some typographic comics(?) pieces(?) dudels(?)

!choose your own defininition!

the bottom piece was dudeled while watching class presentations (graphic design history) and everyone had to throw and um or uh in almost every silence... there's a joke hear about graphic design students filling up all the 'negative' space and the punch line is 'less is more'.


Wednesday, November 17


I'm feeling better now. Note to self: don't eat random vitamins you find at Jason Wolpert's house.


Monday, November 15

Friday, November 12

my other side is all chin

It's been a while since I've played with digital colors. So here's something I sketched up while hanging out with Duffy Allen the other day (I'm totally in love with his brush pen now).


Sunday, November 7

Dude, Bro & Typographic Trees

Busy, busy, busy! Hosting diner parties, having birthdays, and reading stacks of books to help accentuate the curves of my finely formed BFA thesis.

Page 3 of the P&T booklet! I spoil the fun of reading it, but it's a line from my BFA manifesto (if you must know).

Yeah, we got jobs.

And by we I mean, of course, Duffy Allen and myself. P&T page 4 here is my unofficial/overly official entry into the ass-tat contest.

Also... jeckt.com


Sunday, October 31


The finished version of a sketch I've been watching gather dust; I love how it turned out.

See, sometimes my nights are filled with more than just dreams. Ideas careen and crash into my skull and force their way out in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's story ideas, sometimes it's changes to a current project or sometimes it's semi-prophetic block quotes. I used to just ignore them or laugh and roll over to return to sleep. Now I'm getting the feeling that some of these ideas are much more precious than a few more minutes under the sheets. So although the never ending list continues to grow at an alarming rate, at least I know I'll never be bored because I'm backlogged with projects till the apocalypse and beyond.

I posted a sketch of the top guy awhile ago and I finally finished him up. The second guy is based on a conversation I was eavesdropping into. These were a blast to do and maybe someday I'll produce more strange snippets of conversations (I can already feel some ideas leaking onto the list).


Wednesday, October 27


I'm in the process of re-evaluating this blahg's existence and purpose... In the mean time, whatever!

Here's some older sketches!


Wednesday, October 20

BFA week four

Typrojeckt Progress & Test Booklet!

This week from the Hobbit Hole! The first two pages from the Typrojeckt P&T Booklet. The first one is a watercolor and ink piece based on Olicana Smooth and it says 'making soy milk'. The second page is an ink and water piece that says 'reading' and 'homework' in my own handwriting and then 'Typographic time out' based on St Friska.

The Typographic Progress and Test Booklet is my little sketch/idea book I made for myself to fill up with color/font/style tests for my BFA project (more information coming soon). Plus I get to draw fonts and do typographic watercolors as homework! Yes!

oh, and I guess I'll mention the shmicroblahg that appeared in the right sidebar over the weekend. I'll be updating this section with photos of art or food or whatevs from my phone. Maybe every once and awhile I'll mass my micros together for a mega micro blog, but now I'm thinking too much.



Monday, October 11

Concert at The Cave - Iji

Here's the live audio for Iji when they played at The Hobbit Hole not too long ago.

Anyway, things are going great on my end, not much to post about though (I suppose I could take pictures of my cooking or bread... or my sketchbook for art class...), but enough about me, how are you? I hope you're doing well!

Have a great day!


Friday, October 8

Going the Distance

And so it begins! Here's one of the progress bars I've made myself to tally the process of my 9 months project that is the Graphic Design BFA Exhibition.

I'm not going to spill the beans about the project to you interneters just quite yet. I'll be posting process photos as they come and I'll reveal my secret plans bit by bit.
I'm betting my place is going to look no cleaner than this over the course of the project.

But here's how I feel about it:

<3 <3 <3 <3


Thursday, October 7

Adventures of a M.O.D.E.L at a Marathon

Here's the article Tiffany wrote (for the Inlander!) about the 24 hour comic challenge! She persevered along with the rest of us and only left once to get her dog, Mr. Rufus.

Here's some more Jeremy for you because we could all use a little more Jeremy in our lives ;)


Wednesday, October 6

Colored Water

Been playing around with some watercolors in preparation for a couple upcoming projects.

Here's the original of the Ahvohcahdoe sketch and the bad chuck inks.

I don't think I posted it, but awhile ago Allen missed the bus and the Spokane comicon so I did a sketch for him. Later I did a digital version, so here's that:

Here's the digital version of the Avacado sketch.

man, I can feel school building up already. I'm thinking life is going to trump blog, but I'll post any interesting school work I've got or anything I've got the free time to play with.


Tuesday, October 5

24 Hour Comic Challenge!

I survived, last one to finish, 26 pages in 22 hours. Can't wait for next year!

Big thanks to Jeremy Whittington for letting me borrow his fresh Copics to ink all of my pages.