Wednesday, October 20

BFA week four

Typrojeckt Progress & Test Booklet!

This week from the Hobbit Hole! The first two pages from the Typrojeckt P&T Booklet. The first one is a watercolor and ink piece based on Olicana Smooth and it says 'making soy milk'. The second page is an ink and water piece that says 'reading' and 'homework' in my own handwriting and then 'Typographic time out' based on St Friska.

The Typographic Progress and Test Booklet is my little sketch/idea book I made for myself to fill up with color/font/style tests for my BFA project (more information coming soon). Plus I get to draw fonts and do typographic watercolors as homework! Yes!

oh, and I guess I'll mention the shmicroblahg that appeared in the right sidebar over the weekend. I'll be updating this section with photos of art or food or whatevs from my phone. Maybe every once and awhile I'll mass my micros together for a mega micro blog, but now I'm thinking too much.




  1. Very cool... I love typography. It's so expressive. Can't wait to see more of your stuff!