Friday, October 1

Fancy Pants

Allen Duffy & Andrew Taylor both put off the introductory Art in the Humanities class until now. We had to do a project about framing our perspective on art; from Urban to Rural. This is what we turned in today.

Oh, and the top of the frame says Mysteries That Hunt and Howl and it was an awesome article in the New York Times about Coyotes.



  1. I stared at this sucker for waaaaay too long and now I'm either high or super-nauseous. Nice work!

  2. Omigosh, I am floored by the awesomeness of that!!! I want to know whose shoes those are!!! I recognize your green painted shoes, Andrew, but I really like the red ones and the slippers. Would you post a still pic of the frame? Yeah, I hope you get an A.

  3. Ha! Thanks Matt!

    Thanks Robin! Most of the shoes are Alexis Hardy's (Allen's girlfriend) the rest are mine and his.

    I totally upload some stills! Assuming this weekend doesn't totally kill me.