Saturday, October 2

24 Hour Comic Challenge!

So, last night I cooked some rice with half of a lime and some garlic and salt. As it was finishing up I mixed in a chopped carrot and onion. When it was finished I mixed in a little butter and some softened garbanzo beans. Tossed it in the fridge to cool.

Then, this morning, I added some chopped celery and red pepper. Toss the whole mess in a mason jar and TaDa!

This is kind of how I prepared for PAX, too. Power food! Hippie Power! Whatever! It's delicious and nutritious and I'm not going to have to worry about buying any food during the 24 hour challenge or getting hungry. Plus I'm bringing a ton of apples I picked from a local tree and some bananas.

So, 10am Saturday to 10 am Sunday are the 24 hours that make up this years 24 hour comic challenge. Starting from scratch you make a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Bam! Check out more at Scott McCloud's site. Luckily for us Spokanites, Merlyns and The ComicSmith Guild have a whole even planned for local participants! Super-mega Awesome!

seriously, I'm stoked. Catch you kids on the flip side.


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