Sunday, October 31


The finished version of a sketch I've been watching gather dust; I love how it turned out.

See, sometimes my nights are filled with more than just dreams. Ideas careen and crash into my skull and force their way out in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's story ideas, sometimes it's changes to a current project or sometimes it's semi-prophetic block quotes. I used to just ignore them or laugh and roll over to return to sleep. Now I'm getting the feeling that some of these ideas are much more precious than a few more minutes under the sheets. So although the never ending list continues to grow at an alarming rate, at least I know I'll never be bored because I'm backlogged with projects till the apocalypse and beyond.

I posted a sketch of the top guy awhile ago and I finally finished him up. The second guy is based on a conversation I was eavesdropping into. These were a blast to do and maybe someday I'll produce more strange snippets of conversations (I can already feel some ideas leaking onto the list).



  1. Love your typography! You should definitely keep posting on your blog. It's fun to see what you're working on (and what you're cooking!). Which reminds me, I can still send you an awesome scone recipe if you are still interested, but I need your email address or somewhere to send it. You might've liked what my husband made the other day... Pork roast (unless you don't like pork) with roasted apple onion garlic relish and an apple cider soy reduction. Oh man, was that good! He just makes these things up as he goes along and they're always amazing. He's come a long way from putting cinnamon in spaghetti sauce.

    Don't stop posting!

  2. Thanks, Robin!

    I would totally love to look over that scone recipe, I'll make sure and add my contact info into my next post for all my sblahg friends :)

    I used to love pork, but now I'm vegetarian. BUT that gives me a great idea for an apple based, vegetarian shepard's pie!

    I definitely put brown sugar in my spaghetti sauce

    Thanks for the support, Robin you are awesome

  3. I'm with Ms. Cain. Don't stop posting, and your typography is quite incredible. Looking forward to seeing other goodies.

  4. Thanks, neetz!

    I'll make sure to keep the goodies coming