Monday, October 4

And it keeps going

So, last night (9 hours after the Comic Book Challenge ended) there was a Concert at the Cave! The Hobbit Hole was lucky enough to host the final show for Iji and Mega Bog's summer tour, and Harpo's last show for a good long while. Between those bands an awesome female fronted punk/hardcore band name Agatha played! The cave was rocked.

So, local band Harpo played their last show because this morning their guitarist Mitch (look up) took off for a trip with his good friend Captain Bones (Krista). They're hoping to eventually land at Chris Clavin's commune in Indiana. Best of luck! We love you and we'll miss you kids.

Interestingly enough, over the summer Mitch, Krista & Tony (Harpo's bass player) took me to see Iji and Mega Bog's summer tour kick off in Seattle! Beautiful, right? Totally. Know what else is beautiful? My neighbors came over to see the end of the show and give me two gallons of fresh pressed apple cider from their weekend adventure. I love life!

Someday there will be more goodies from this show to upload. For I think it's time to re-adjust to sleep and school.


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