Friday, January 28


Here's the final three pages of the mini comic of the mini adventures of those mini hoodlums.

Someday maybe I'll stop thinking so much and put more of my brain strain into the creation process. Someday maybe that will include more digital process.

Someday maybe I might make something.

Tuesday, January 25

More of the Mini

Here's the spread for pages 4 & 5.

Oh no, Mini Dude! I hope you can get out of this mess you seem to have gotten yourself into! (and before something terrible happens to Mini Guy, too!)

Friday, January 21

You Wanted It, You're Getting [part of] It

A soft roll on the tympani coincides with the rising flutes and violins. The trumpets and cymbals crash in syncopation as the spotlights flood the velvet curtain. A microphone briefly crackles before a booming voice is projected into the chaos. "And now presenting, the mini comic of the mini adventures of (who else but your heroes and mine) mini Dude & Guy!" The curtains quickly drawn away to reveal what you've all been waiting for.

The curtain closes and the house lights rise to a dim. The voice beckons you out to the lobby for a stretch and some snacks. Intermission.

Tuesday, January 18

Installation 2.0 - Pidgeon & Punk

So, comic it is and a comic it shall be. In the meantime, here's The Fightin' Trikes newest collab.

Wednesday, January 12

Installation! Progress Pics

Artist's Statement

  • 9 Hours + 10

  • Footprints

  • R.I.P. Physics

  • Some Had To Get The Lights

  • Glitter


Typography by Andrew Taylor
Naked Running Men and (c) Text by Duffy Allen
Awkward Pidgeons by Inga Ilich

Saturday, January 8

New Year, New Post


I'm putting it on you now, let's make this a little more interactive. There's a poll over there, top right, with some options. Pick an option and when the poll closes (one week later), I'll complete my assigned task for both your enjoyment and mine.

That is, unless someone wants to own up and request a free commission. Post a comment to this with a request and it shall be fulfilled. That simple. AND I'll totally snail mail it to you if you'll be so kind as to provide a destination.

Everyone should also feel free to email me: hobbes_10_98(at)

Happy New Year,
Andrew Dean Taylor