Tuesday, May 24

Mosquito's Bites

I'm going to pretend that these itchy bits surrounding my fresh tattoos all came from the same bug. I'm going to choose to believe that now they're now (at this very moment) sitting in a tiny room, lit by an even tinier lamp doing calligraphy because of they've sucked ink blood of an ampersand.

But then, I also believe that I'm a typographic wizard casting spells that manifest through the relationship of flour & water, but bread is some sort of miracle.

I just spent a moment going back through my archives and it was pretty cool seeing me develop before my eyes. Both in terms of style, what I'm doing, what I look like and who I'm hanging around with (I see Allen come into my life, then The Fighting Trikes and now that my images are slowly waning Diamond Pony is kicking it & I'm making excuses of being too busy dancing to upload proper blog posts with photos and/or videos).

It was SO COOL going back through and reminding myself that I can draw and sketch and I do do do do awesome things and I'm surrounded by awesome people! I don't particularly see that inspiring me to do more proper blog posts, but hopefully maybe some sort of fantastical event will change that because it would be nice to continue to track my progress as a person.

then again, maybe my current progression is simply an expression of thoughts instead of images?

It really is a bit too bad that I can't just export my facebook updates, pics & videos onto this blog so that we could really see a growth pattern.

Wednesday, May 18

Keeping up with myself

Someday maybe I'll post some pictures or videos of all the awesomeness that I've been involved in and surrounded by, but until then I'm just going to enjoy it and share it with those around me (sorry I don't consider you in my immediate proximity, blogger based internets)

I've been posting as much as I can to the facebook because that's where I can tag everybody, immediately share with everybody, conversations happen and my friends are already hanging out there like it's a friggen water-cooler!

Just to glaze over it all:

Spring break was absolute insanity.

I came back to Cheney afterwards and was so inspired by our adventures I wrote a song that's been catching like wildfire! I've since stopped playing music as State of Nature and I've re-adopted the musical moniker of Paco. BUT I've been trying to play fewer and fewer solo shows because I recently helped start a traveling singer / songwriter band called The Sky is a Suitcase! Tony James, Allen Duffy, and I play old State of Nature songs, Tony James songs, Duffy Allen songs, old folk songs, AJJ & the like, and we collaborated on a new song, too!

The Hobbit Hole has been hosting a whole heard of happenings! Bonfires on the roof, sunset blush with the sunrise, brunches that last from 10am to midnight, stick and poke tattoo parties, awesome music, great food, and wonderful people!

Sometimes I feel silly using so many exclamation marks, but I'm not sure how to accurately express how excited I am about everything (damn near all the time).

The weekend of Friday the 13th was absolute insanity.

and it just keeps going and going and going!

On the horizon is my Senior Thesis exhibition for my BFA in VCD and I'll finally release what I've been working on for so long! The reception is at the art building gallery 6pm on May 27th. We get to start cleaning, paintings and hanging works this coming Saturday! Whoo!

Anti-Squatch is coming up! Instead of traveling across the state and spending a million dollar bills, a sizable crew will be traversing across the palouse fields for a free concert with some epic bands (and free camping)! Homemade circuit bending workshops, a million bands, and campfire rock?! Yup.

THEN Mitch The Champ is going to be in town!

I'm having enough trouble keeping up with myself, let alone trying to keep you up to date with me ;)


Friday, May 6

Wicked hang time with that air time!

Wombo Combo was recently invited into the lovely local radio station of KYRS for our friend Mikhael's broadcast the All Ages Show! Our good friend Colin Osgood was kind enough to video tape the nonsense that followed for those of you out there populating the internet. Enjoy?

Then Tony James kicked out a brand new, fresh jam!

So of course I had to join in with the fun :)

Speaking of State of Nature there's a facebook link for us/me on the ShmeriousBlahg home page. AND we are / I am playing a show at The Gazebo in Spokane on May 13th along with our friends Fizzlin Dicks, The Lot Lizards and the party pizza that is Wombo Combo!

Speaking of Wombo Combo, we did get a 'song' recorded on Monday to play on the radio show; we couldn't exactly get a video of that so I posted it on my personal SoundCloud site. Check it out, Wombo Combo - When Reptile Dysfunction Man Strikes.

Have a great weekend!