Saturday, November 20


here's some typographic comics(?) pieces(?) dudels(?)

!choose your own defininition!

the bottom piece was dudeled while watching class presentations (graphic design history) and everyone had to throw and um or uh in almost every silence... there's a joke hear about graphic design students filling up all the 'negative' space and the punch line is 'less is more'.


Wednesday, November 17


I'm feeling better now. Note to self: don't eat random vitamins you find at Jason Wolpert's house.


Monday, November 15

Friday, November 12

my other side is all chin

It's been a while since I've played with digital colors. So here's something I sketched up while hanging out with Duffy Allen the other day (I'm totally in love with his brush pen now).


Sunday, November 7

Dude, Bro & Typographic Trees

Busy, busy, busy! Hosting diner parties, having birthdays, and reading stacks of books to help accentuate the curves of my finely formed BFA thesis.

Page 3 of the P&T booklet! I spoil the fun of reading it, but it's a line from my BFA manifesto (if you must know).

Yeah, we got jobs.

And by we I mean, of course, Duffy Allen and myself. P&T page 4 here is my unofficial/overly official entry into the ass-tat contest.