Thursday, November 11

Vividness and Value


  1. Just so I'm clear, is your position that work produced on those first few formats is capable of eliciting greater emotional connection than the ones on the bottom, or that we develop connections to artwork based on its age / physicality?

    'Cause I'm looking at that and wondering how a song on cassette would produce an emotional connection any different to exactly the same song on CD, and all I can come up with is that we might feel more attached to the cassette seeing as it's older / rarer. But I'm not entirely sure if that was your point or not. Expand?

  2. I'm glad you pointed that out, I don't think I made my initial point/stance clear. I'm in the process of writing a new post to talk about my 'theories' a little more in detail.

    For now I'll just say that my purpose in this was to note my feelings about an audience's connection through a piece to it's creator (not the piece itself).


  3. i lied.

    i looked into your internet face and lied.

    i doubt i'll be doing another post to follow this thought pattern any more, but does my reply to your comment clear things up at all? should i go into detail?