Wednesday, September 29

Dude in the Desert

15 minute digital speed paint over a random doodle on the back of my Web Design Syllabus.



Pocketfull of Memes

Here's an old sketch that I totally forgot to upload. I drew this right after I saw the movie and I guess I was too excited to finish coloring in my right hand. Whatevs.

All of it. The comics, the movie & the game. Kickass! High fives!

Jamie says I would have made a better Scott Pilgrim than Michael Cera (since the books are basically based on me). I don't disagree.


Tuesday, September 28


Now that's my kinda notebook!

Small and thin so I can carry it everywhere and it fits snuggly in my already cramped book bag. Yay!

I had an old pad of grid paper so I ripped up a few sheets and sewed this baby up. Sewing through cardboard is pretty sweet, I gotta say.

AND I finally used up my roll of 100 yards of white thread! The same thread I used for my carrot book and Paper Trails art installation a couple lifetimes ago.


Sunday, September 26


One shoe, two shoe,
old shoe, green shoe!

Now those are some kicks! My converse are basically dead. I have three sets of these bad boys and tons of leftover screen printing ink so, naturally, I painted a pair!


Serious Blog

On July 11, 2010 Arlene Applegate died fighting cancer. I lived in Spokane, she lived in Spokane & she was totally my Aunt. She wasn't technically my aunt (my cousin's, wife's mother), but we hit it off and I loved her.

Before she passed I was able to visit her and one of the last things she said to me was that "sometimes people come into our lives when we most need them and disappear when we don't."

We all love you and miss you very much Arlene. You're always with us.


Saturday, September 25

Year 5 Day 1

Monsieur A. Duff and I had a brief discussion about graphic typography as a parallel to comics. I could go on, but I think my first trial should be explanation enough, ya?

Also, Allen was totally late to class on the first day ;p


Friday, September 24

I totally didn't forget to do a blog post

Peanut-Butter Banana Scones!!!

Tea and cribbage. Seriously, what a perfect Friday afternoon. That Duffy Allen kid came over and I taught him some cribbage. We had some tea, we had some scones and then we played some music. All I have to say is that you'd better grab your winchester rifle, cause we gotta kill old yeller twice.


Wednesday, September 22


yeah, it's spelled phonetically cause lowercase a > lowercase o (in terms of how fun it is to draw). Oh, if you click the picture you can head to my DeviantArt page.... yup.

I'm exhausted, I think it's food time and nap time.


Monday, September 20

high five!

Here's a tiny typographic painting! In case you weren't aware I hold a firm belief that high fives are one of the greatest things ever. For serious.


Monday, September 13

Doodle Comic

seriously, Saturday night was the most amazingly confusing Lobster Jaw show ever.

Awe. Some.


Friday, September 10

A point called Z finale

Done! :D

Same (bigger paper) paper, ink and some ink wash. I didn't take into account the scale difference so this page is a little bit bigger. Good to learn those lessens before you go print a few hundred pages, right? word!

oh, man... comic's over... now what?


Friday, September 3

Z page 7

Some more changes! Not much, but I moved to bigger and better paper and didn't use any digital shtuff.

So.... PAX! Yeah, word.