Thursday, April 29

Skethes and Such

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day! Hooray! The Spokane Comicsmiths Guild is going to be at our local Merlyns for the event, so I'm gonna stop by and get a free sketch and free comics on Sunday. Awesome! In that vein, here's some sketches of my own.

This next one has to be dedicated to my friend Meg because she loves mages and magic so much. Not. She's a mage hater! How can you hate mages?! Feh on STR, INT ftw!

Although, this mage doesn't quite seemed packed with int or str, but everyone's gotta start somewhere; especially mages who live in the local park and learn magic spells from sorcerer zines he finds laying around. At least he's trying!
This book is a drawing project gone mad. I couldn't help adding some colored construction paper beneath the tracing paper and binding it all into a book. Sorry Chris, I got carried away!

Check out that stitching! I'm strangely fascinated by sewing and especially any sewing involving paper. If I had multiple copies of this book I might offer them up as a give-away, sweepstake, or contest of some such. Tell ya what, since I mentioned it, anyone who wants a hand sewn little booklet email me your address (hobbes_10_98 (at) Let's call it a Free Comic Book Day give-away! It'll be a blank comic that you can make, haha. I'll keep the offer valid till May 7th. Word? Go!
    In other news:
  • I can't get enough of this song! Handlebars by Flobots, is sooo smooth! The 'official' music video isn't that well done, but it's alright. Check out the official video here, it has a few nice visual tricks, but the animation is fairly jerky and the cel shading could be done better. Plus I imagined the narrator being a single character with split ideas, not two separate characters, but maybe that's just me.
  • Inspired by Free Comic Book comes Free RPG Day! June 19th, you going to be there? Wherever 'there' is I hope I'm there!
  • Since I'm talking about FCBD and The Spokane Comicsmiths, then I have to mention the Spokane Comicon! It's coming up, only about a month to go.

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