Friday, April 9

Some uploads! An update!

Made some stuff. Took pictures of that stuff. Posted pictures of stuff on Shmeriousblahg.

Since the over was on, I decided to try toasting some oats and walnuts that were coated in agave and molasses. Granola!

And while I'm at it, might as well try making some molasses cookies to use up the last of my bananas.

This is why the over was on.

And here is why I needed some bread; homemade bread for a fried cheese sandwich goes perfectly with homemade tomato soup! So, two tomatoes walk into a blender with some kifer. They wake up the next morning in a pot with some oil, salt and herbs! Add some cilantro, paprika, cayenne, parsley in the mix with some melted cheese and you're good to go! Adventure time!

Since I was running a little low on peanut butter, I ended up using the leftover walnuts for some walnut butter. Tasty!

Homemade bread and some homemade spread. Shdaisy!

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