Tuesday, April 13

Diner, Desert and Packing Peanuts

The problem with my relationship with recipes is that when I cook, I dive headfirst and I'm in a trance. I'm measuring and mixing by taste and sight. I could give you a recipe of vague proportions if you want, but I'm not sure that would be quite the same. Maybe I'll find recipes that we all love and perfect the chaos into a pattern. Who knows...

I just turn the oven on and see what comes out.

Molasses Brownies? Molasses Cake? Some delicious desert that is fantastic when topped with some homemade apple butter and raisins!

And a vegan cobbler! Steamed and fried sweet potato, yam, red pepper, garlic, onion, squash and green onion mixed up with some biscuit-esque dough and roasted for half of an hour. Plus I have some oh-so-rare leftovers, I was stuffed after a couple servings (3 more to go!) and a slice of that molasses cake. Awesome.

Here is my second installation in the Bruce Newmann Gallery in EWU's art building.

Complacent Obsolescence. It's one part word joke, one part packing peanut joke, one part mass produced produce commentary. The main purpose of the piece is a giggle or two, I couldn't help but snicker every time I saw it. It's so silly! Oh art.

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