Wednesday, April 21

Stuff and Things

Today is cloudy, but it's Spring! These last few days have been sunny and awesome in Cheney, Washington. Since it has been sunny Chris, our drawing teacher, let us wander campus and draw whatever. Since my house is just a few blocks away from the art building I ended up wandering back there for some food and art. Here's a drawing I came up with while I was sitting on the stump in front of the house.

We've started moving from line work to value work. So, obviously, our most recent homework has been a value study. Here's my favorite attempt at adding some shading to a contour drawing, I think this one was pretty successful, too!

Lentil and soybean soup! With some carrot greens for color and texture, tasty!

How do you power a body through four hours of class, including a presentation, with a single meal? Oven omelette! Cubed russet potato, red potato & sweet potato with carrot and garlic rounds and plenty of onion (plus more carrot greens). Mix up a couple eggs and mix into the cooked mess and toss into the oven for 20-25 minutes and enjoy!

This rice turned out amazing! Cooked the rice with the juice and zest of a lime and cilantro. Stirred in some pre-soaked lentils and soybeans about 2/3 through the cooking process and steamed carrots, leek, onion, shallot and garlic on the side. Mix up the mess and top with pepper and paprika. I'm stoked that this bowl has a similar volume to my smaller cooking pot, cooking for one just got more efficient.

So, last Saturday I had the pleasure of listening to Lars Brown talk about some One Piece philosophy and the awesome-tacity of comic books & graphic novels. He was on back to back panels for this years Get Lit! in Spokane. And (on a similar geek topic) even though I haven't been playing video games, I still like to keep up with the industry through magazines I find and the occasional blog. Plus dorking out to some nerdcore, chiptunes and, of course, JoCo. Gotta keep flexing my dork muscles and get ready for next PAX!


  1. Really nice drawing of your house, looks like a garden bed in the front.

  2. Carrot green really, I never heard of them.

  3. There's not garden bed yet, but I've got some cilantro growing inside that I'll be transplanting once their ready!

    By "carrot greens" I just mean the foliage from the local carrots I bought, haha.

  4. i love me some carrot greens
    someone told me just this year that they could be cooked with and I sort of went *handtoforehead* --> why haven't I tried that? Plenty of leafy greens just under my nose...and too many of them in the compost! They're fun to experiment with - great color, cool shape...they make such a nice garnish, but I have trouble blending their flavor sometimes - they're really tough too. Iusually end up throwing them in a sauce or fry just for color/volume/waste reduction...
    So any other ideas for what to do with them??

  5. Sauce and fry are definitely the way to go. They're not too over powering in hearty soups, either (like a lentil and bean, or even a thick baked potato soup!)

    Ha! I didn't actually know they were edible or cookable, I just went for it since they were there.