Tuesday, April 6

Hot grain in the shape of cereal

I'm being creepy right now. Well, actually I'm just creeping around. Really I'm just hanging out around a corner drawing people when they're not looking. I look most like a creeper when they realize they're being studied.

People don't seem too keen on random scrutiny. But it's totally justified, I swear! It's homework! My sketchbook pages are slowly filling with frantic sketches of people I've never met and I'll probably never know. Gesture drawings are fun!

So, here's another food based entry, but I threw in some design for funsies. The track titles are mockeries of the ingredients to my surprisingly delicious sludge. (I know it's not monday, but Tuesday Morning Sludge doesn't sound as appealing as Monday Morning Sludge. I blame the alliteration)

Pre-soaked oats
track 3 was just a fact of the morning
Walnut chunks
Light Agave Sweetener
and the second helping of sludge included blueberries

I used some spelt (local and organic!) to thicken up the oatmeal and added some Cranberry and Ginger Chia to make the sludge a little heartier. I was rather surprised by the flavor in this breakfast and I would bet my pleasure was multiplied because I wasn't exactly expecting it. Consensus? Delicious!

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