Tuesday, September 28


Now that's my kinda notebook!

Small and thin so I can carry it everywhere and it fits snuggly in my already cramped book bag. Yay!

I had an old pad of grid paper so I ripped up a few sheets and sewed this baby up. Sewing through cardboard is pretty sweet, I gotta say.

AND I finally used up my roll of 100 yards of white thread! The same thread I used for my carrot book and Paper Trails art installation a couple lifetimes ago.



  1. Nice sewing job, Andrew. Making books is awesome! I love making books myself. I visited this cool place called Minnesota Center for Book Arts where they have all sorts of workshops on print making and handmade books and bindings. If you are interested in seeing a book I made there's one on my Mindzai Comics facebook page. Just check the photos. Anywho, I love your book... you should make more.

  2. Thanks, Robin, I totally agree!

    That sounds rad! I saw your Mindzai Comic that you sent Allen, but I haven't had a chance to really check it out. Looked pretty kickass though.

    Hopefully I'll be making a lot more throughout the year!