Sunday, September 26

Serious Blog

On July 11, 2010 Arlene Applegate died fighting cancer. I lived in Spokane, she lived in Spokane & she was totally my Aunt. She wasn't technically my aunt (my cousin's, wife's mother), but we hit it off and I loved her.

Before she passed I was able to visit her and one of the last things she said to me was that "sometimes people come into our lives when we most need them and disappear when we don't."

We all love you and miss you very much Arlene. You're always with us.



  1. That's very touching. I know too many people who have succumbed to cancer, tho my mother is a survivor. It's so sad. I love your tribute to Arlene.

  2. So f'ing rad my man! I am so glad that you were able to meet and share so much love and time with her! She has always been a huge believer in you and you really made her proud as the person you are and continue to be.

    much love,

    Cory (the cousin lucky enough to call Arlene his mom)

  3. This is absolutely FABULOUS! Andrew what a lucky person you were to have time to hang out with Arlene! As you called her your "AUNT" our boys' have always known her as their "GRANDMA" Arlene...yet she was really my sister-in-laws mom!

    You are an amazing person and artist!!!!!

  4. Andrew, this is beautiful and has thick, meaningful, substance. You know that. She must be have been an important person and I know that seeing this piece dedicated to her is, in every way, just as important to everyone who knew her.

  5. Thank you all so very much! I'm incredibly lucky to be in a family and community that is so supportive and Arlene was no exception.

    Robin, it is so sad, but I'm very glad to hear your mother is surviving.

    -love you all

  6. Very cool Andrew, I'm sure she would have loved it!!