Friday, September 24

I totally didn't forget to do a blog post

Peanut-Butter Banana Scones!!!

Tea and cribbage. Seriously, what a perfect Friday afternoon. That Duffy Allen kid came over and I taught him some cribbage. We had some tea, we had some scones and then we played some music. All I have to say is that you'd better grab your winchester rifle, cause we gotta kill old yeller twice.



  1. That sounds amazingly awesome. I happened to have cranberry and white chocolate scones this morning. Care to swap recipes? Oh, and tell Mr. Duffy I said hi.

  2. Fantastic! I would love to swap recipes, though, to be honest I don't measure anything, but I can try and give approximations :)

    I will definitely tell Mr. Duffy you said hi.

  3. Okay Andrew, that sounds cool... I think if you give me the approximate measurements I can figure it out. I will send you my recipe, but tomorrow, because I am too tired to think right now.