Saturday, May 22

Spokane Comicon Art Cards!

Spokane Comicon was awesome! Super bummed Allen Duffy missed the show because of his job and what will be known as 'the bus incident'. Luckily his monster mini-comic got handed out at the show by some old friends of his!

So, neither Allen, nor I, had a table for this years comicon, but I did stay up all night doing water colors to makes some art cards to hand out! They were super fun to make and I loved every card, I hope they found good homes.

(as a side note, I felt a tad silly handing a card with 'waxed moustache' as the website to a guy with an awesome waxed moustache, when I can't even wax my moustache yet)

Here's some pic-a-tures for those playing at home!

Here's a little bonus '+a million pictures' of a fake time lapse of the creation process of the cards. Click for full screen!

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