Monday, May 3

Representing a Recipe

This blahg is on my mind; how to make it worth your time? That's easily answered for friends and family that I don't see very often (everyone I know), but what about Stay at Home Matt or other internet strangers? I'm going to think this one out online.

Representing a Recipe
Like I've stated before, I don't cook with recipes and my spontaneous nature doesn't lend itself to be documented very well. So, I've been thinking about how to make my cooking adventures more accessible than simple slide shows with vague ingredient lists. I suppose the best way would be to eventually re-create a meal I love so many times that I actually develop a recipe, but I'm a chaos freak; I usually don't know what I'm cooking until it's done.

Anyway, there are plenty of ways of presenting a recipe and then sharing it with your friends or the internet, so here's a bunch of recipe and foodie links!

Here's some awesome letterpress'd recipe cards!
A local Spokane-ite who does raw food 'cooking' classes
Awesome food blog!
Cooking for engineers! An interesting recipe card at the end of each recipe.
The inventive Photoshop chef
The mashup of cooks and comics!

Anyway, here's my little first attempt at a mashup of design and cooking; cooking flowchart!

Well, that was fun and delicious.


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