Friday, May 14

Games, Art, Food

Fridizzle for rizzle. word. Time to share some food pic-a-tures and some more random links.

Here's a pic I snapped last week of some snow in May (hooray)

My bike didn't have a good week. Need to get the whole front tire replace since the tube exploded while I was riding. Luckily it's sunny so I can just walk everywhere!

Onto my random links of the day: video games and silly animations!

Games Can Be Art; an awesome website dedicated to fantastic games and the discussion of the medium as an art form. Beautiful!

Recently Cave Story was picked up for WiiWare, but prior to that it was an amazing indie game (and still is!) Here's a really nice fan site (the downloads section includes the Cave Story music, music creation downloads and some indie game dev downloads!)Just an interesting site I stumbled on while looking up some of the older Games Can Be Art games that I had missed. Check it out, Good Old Games. Bam.
Friday? Penny Arcade time! If you haven't seen this yet, go check out some of Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz blaminationmations. Silly and hilarious ('God damn it tetra-cop! What did I tell you about my age in proximity your bull shit?!')


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