Wednesday, May 5

Vid'ya Games

Ever' once and awhile I like refresh my obsession with crawling through dungeons, swinging swords and casting spells. I must tame the final boss! I don't ever plan on 'growing up' and loosing interest in video games and comic books; I'll play D&D until I die and I'll always be a geek, dork, nerd and munchkin.

So today I spent a solid chunk of time being a chibi knight. I became a chibi mage, I cut an' burned and I grinded until I had exhausted the available adventure. Sweet graphics, beautiful music and quick to learn gameplay. Plus it's a nod to Zelda II!

And if Chibi Knight is a nod to Zelda, then I can't rest without a nod to Mario! Enter 'Enough Plumbers', a clone cloning clones game (e.g. Braid or P.B. Winterbottom). This definitely heads in its own direction from the two previously mentioned XBLA games, all in all a tricky little puzzle game (I still haven't gotten all the medals yet). A nice contrasting transition from Chibi Knight's flash graphics and full sound to some classic 8-bit music and pixel graphics.

My friend Jason introduced me to this game not too long ago and I fell in love. The gameplay isn't anything new, but the music and level design is absolutely hilarious and fantastic! Click the image to head to a YouTube page to hear some of the theme music (it begins as pure description of the game, almost a pitch for purchase). I won't spoil the surprise, but as your points increase, by killing zombies, the music warps and the baddies and background change with the tone of the tune. Awesome!

On the topic of games, I recently found out that there's a Game Developer Conference starting tomorrow that's only less than 300 miles away! Damn! Tommy Tallarico is gonna be there (those are his eyes in the corner, watching you). I'm sure he'll be there spreading the word of his latest release: The Gamer Warz 2. If not, he'll probably talk about video game soundtrack composition or something.

Since I'm talking about games today instead of food (omg wtf? no bbq? lol?) I have to mention this open source game developing software I found called Construct. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but if you flip through some of the tutorials there are some videos of platform games being built at an insane pace! Check out the collision mask and platform movement videos, they've got Braid art!

Speaking of Braid art, my mind was blow when I found out that David Hellman is the mind behind both Braid and A Lesson is Learned! A Lesson is Learned, but the Damage is Irreversible is/was a webcomic that seriously explored the infinite canvas available to comic artists on the web (Scott McCloud talks about the infinite canvas in his book Reinventing Comics). I highly recommend, nay, I urge you all to go check out David Hellman's old online comics. They're beautiful, hilarious and amazing.

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