Wednesday, May 12

Wednesday May 12th

Here's a collage and some sketches! After a word from our sponsors, links!


Here's some links! Stuff I like (today atleast)

"Scott Pilgrim" has been inching in my ears as the days go by. Unfortunately I have still yet to read it, but I just found out it's going to be a movie. It looks awesome, I can't wait to read the comic!
Awesome movies? Awesome toons! I found Edible Castle through Newgrounds a little while ago and I felt the urge to share; snappy art, witty humor, and awesome site design. For serious, check out some of their toons and play Return to the Cubuture.
Comics rules, zines rule and finding a free printout of a zine in comic form? Amazing! I found a copy of DV Zine in the computer lab on campus a few weeks (months?) ago and loved it! I've shared it with all of my friends and now I'll share it with you. Dvorak ftw.
Allen Duffy is awesome! True story. Go get the free pdf of his not-for-profit kids Monster Delight book and learn how to be the best monster you can be. Then buy a copy and spread the love to your local computer lab or neighborhood kids (money goes towards supplies and shipping, but that's it! If any of that money goes towards him, I probably end up costing him that much peanut butter and pancakes)
I don't spend as much time on the world wide web like I used to, I've even limited my blog intake from evangelical zealot to casual follower! I've got my list, my crew, my posse, but every now and then I stumble though new blogs. Every once and awhile I find something amazing. Enter Jeff Soto. Fantastic stuff, check it out!
well, that takes care of that. Happy Wednesday!


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