Thursday, April 21

Covered in Characters

For the 2nd Annual YoSpo Arts Extravaganza I put myself on display! For the four hour reception I covered myself in typography with ink and a dip pen. I drew inspiration from overheard conversations and clips of quotes.

Partway through the night I took a half hour break from my pedestal to perform with the band Wombo Combo, but returned to my room to finish inking as much skin as I was able.

The event was totally awesome and I hope to be more involved with the wonderful people behind this!


  1. Hey wait a second . . .
    When did you get so hysterical?
    I can't believe I missed this is person. It's even more wonderful than I pictured in my head!

  2. Wow Man!

    I am proud of you and never short of inspired.

  3. Thanks so much, guyzos! I'm always honored to have such cool people appreciate those things that I do