Friday, July 30

Z page3

Like I mentioned, changed up the texture/shading technique a bit. I'm going to be using this little story to be playing with different styles and such.

I'll figure something out at some point. Or not, either way.



  1. It's hysterical. I think you're a revolutionary, or at least the first person to personify "scams" as a trans-dimensional sheet of paper playing rock band. Using the "Z" zine as a way to find your comics groove is a choice idea. It'll be neat to see all the different styles thrown together in one book. Also fucking rock band scientist could never grow a beard. Fuck that noise.

  2. It's silly and I'm going in circles, check. I'm just trying to illustrate Stephen Conroy's internet fears to help scare the world, that's all I'm trying to do, nothing more.

    Thanks Allen! Maybe one of these days I'll stop scrabbling marks together on a page, stop complaining/slacking/whining & finally just create something.