Tuesday, June 22

Life is pain & toast

Something I doodled while listening to Tweet Me Harder. I just found a file in my brain drawer that says "Allen Duffy and Andrew Taylor should do a stupid skype podcast to amuse themselves and each other (and maybe the internet) while Allen Duffy is residing in Portland." For some reason it was filed right under a file that says "Build a bone house, build a better future", but I think that file is up for interpretation.



  1. Bwahaha, i'd say it's up for interpretation, but it sounds pretty straight forward to me. Either way this podcast is gonna have to have something to do with bone and toast.
    Also, i love this. It's hysterical. I'm pretty sure i wish they made some kind of septum molded like toast.

  2. I show my love of toast through my piercings and jewelry. That's what I want the world to understand when they look at me. I want them to FEEL my love of toast.

    Anyway, podcast podcast podcast. Bonin' Toast. Done, let's discus.